Q: Do we get a copy of our digital negatives?

A:  Yes, for weddings and portraits, we sell the digital negatives or include them in our packages. Alternatively, if your wedding package meets our minimum requirement (usually with purchase of an album) we include the digital negatives. We include watermarked low-res files with every wedding, portrait and engagement session. We encourage our clients to order prints with us because we adjust every image professionally. There is a reason you are drawn to all our imagery. Believe us, it’s the post-production– all digital images need a little bit of PhotoShop “love”  to meet our standard of excellence. 

 Q: How far in advance do you book out?

A: We book weddings 6-12 months in advance. The most popular dates in Atlanta are March, April, May, September, October and November.  May & October are out busiest months! If you have a weekday elopement, we typically have availability 4-6 weeks out. For portraits we book 1-3 months in advance

Q:  Do you require a meal at our wedding?

A: Yes, please. For any wedding over 5 hours we need to eat! We are on our feet 8-10 hours on your wedding day working hard and burning a lot of calories.  Please feed your photographer!  Most importantly we need to eat while the guests are eating and within site of the bride and groom. Dinner is the only non-photogenic time of the day (people are not usually happy about posing for a photo while eating).  We eat very fast and often get up during the meal to photograph details, guests, etc.  If we are out of the room, we could miss important impromptu moments.

Q: Why are you more expensive than other wedding photographers?

A: In short you are paying for piece of mind and experience. It has taken me a decade to hone my craft, and become the photographer that I am today. I have shot dozens and dozens of weddings and can manage any client situation or put out any wedding fire. Not only do I know photography but I also know my products, my software, my equipment and how to handle all of the stresses. You may find some alternative options out there that seem appealing and less expensive. I would encourage you to view 3-5 full weddings from any photographer you interview, make sure their images make you feel the same way ours do, make sure you love their personality (you have to spend you entire day with the photographer), make sure the wedding they shot last weekend is as good as the portfolio they are showing you.  I’d also want to see a sample album.  We tell stories with our photographs and the best way to *read* that story is in a book. Our albums are truly a work of art and there are few photographers who carry the same high-end products. Believe me editing 3,000+ great photographs down to 150  can be a daunting task. My best advice continues to be: stay true to your heart. If you LOVE our work, find a way to get it into your budget. If you splurge on one service at your wedding, let it be the photography…you can never go back and re-photograph a live event.

Q: Do you work with a second shooter? 

A:  We have a second photographer on most Darling weddings.  Although Jannelle is capable of photographing your event solo we prefer to work together as a team. 

Q: If our wedding is a destination, how much is the travel fee ? 

A: If your wedding is in Metro Atlanta there is no travel fee.  If airfare, hotel, excessive mileage or car rental are required for destination weddings (usually outside of Atlanta), the client is responsible for the direct cost. 

Q: Will you attend our rehearsal dinner?

A: You bet. Its our chance to get acquainted with the space and the family and friends. 

Q: When will we receive our album and see our photographs for the first time?  

A: We feel strongly about returning your wedding pictures to you in a timely fashion. Your proofs will be available within 1-2 weeks of your event. Your album first draft will be available 2-4 weeks after your proof gallery is live. Most of our clients have their album in hand within 4-6 months. The time frame largely depends on the client’s ability to make comments and approve the album  for printing. Once we have the approved album, the company requires about 1 week to print and ship it to us.  

Q: Do you offer discounts?   Do you shoot weekday events? 

A: Sanibel Island is a destination wedding market, therefore there are a lot of elopements, off-season events and weekday events.  Discounts and elopements are quoted based on our demand and availability. It doesn’t hurt to ask and we shoot a fair amount each year. We consider a “small” wedding to be 25 guests or less including the bride and groom and bridal party. Please inquire about intimate wedding packages.  

Q: How we pick out the images for our album? 

A: We will design a first round draft of your album based on our favorite 200 images. We find that our clients are not photo editors and we feel like part of our job is to remove the stress of  selecting images for your wedding album. Our clients love this process and we feel that the storytelling images do not get overlooked.  Most of the time, 90% of the final album remains how we initially designed it and the rest we customize based on our client’s preferences.  

Q: Is it okay if our family friend plans on shooting the wedding as well? 

AGenerally speaking, the more photos of your wedding day the merrier.  We ask you to consider that at a minimum your parents and the groom’s parents should simply enjoy the ceremony and let us do the “heavy lifting.”  We don’t mind if your guests snap photos all day; however, remember the more guests with cameras in their hand, the morephotos of guests with cameras in their hand!! Occasionally we have had an Uncle Bob step right in front of us during the recessional or at a critical moment in the first dance, so we ask our clients to discuss the photography priorities with known family “photographers.” We do request that during the intimate portraits of just the bride and groom, we have you to ourselves. Frankly, it’s just ackward to have a friend or parent along for the romantic shots and they can detract from the natural moments.   

Q: How do we book  your services?

AWe require 50% deposit to secure the date with the contract and the remaining balance is due 8 days prior to your event.  We will send you a custom booking link and you can either remit payment online with a VISA, MC or AMEX or drop a check in the mail. 

Q: We cancelled our event, can we get part of our deposit back?

A:  Unfortunately, no. The deposit is non-refundable and secures your date. Once we have that date booked on our calendar we have to forgo other potential events/clients.  

 Q: When do you shoot High School Senior Portraits?

AMany parents don’t realize that the wallet sized print for your senior is due to the yearbook staff around Oct. 15th. They are strict about that deadline. Some charter schools have an additional month.  This means your senior should be photographed either the summer prior to their senior year or in early September.  Your senior will have tons of after school activities once school starts and we typically do not shoot on weekends. 

 Q: What do we wear to our portrait session?

A: We encourage you to show off your personal style during your portrait session. If you are a family, we generally tell people to pick one printed item: ie: dress, shirt and pick coordinating colors from that garment.  Most everyone else can wear a solid or a basic pattern that doesn’t clash with the printed garment.  Please pick something that is flattering on you (and everyone else)! Do not choose something because it’s fashionable but looks awful on your body type.  Choose clothing that you’ve worn before that gets you a lot of compliments!  The camera does add weight and believe me, there are some things PhotoShop just can’t do.  Style your hair and take extra time on your makeup and accessories but stay true to your personal style.  If you don’t wear a lot of makeup, that’s okay, but you can still get a natural look with some makeup.  If you need help with this, we have resources! Please ask.  We request that you do not have “matching” outfits even though it seems easy to put everyone in jeans and black t-shirts, it’s really best to reflect a wardrobe you would normally wear.  Our portrait sessions are all about capturing your true family and  honest emotion. When everyone is dressed up too much people don’t feel normal and as a result they don’t look natural. Please do not wear bright white and black together– it’s too much contrast.  Mid-tones are better ie: gray, blue, green, jeans, khaki, etc.  You CAN wear black and we know it’s flattering (especially on new mama’s).  We LOVE to chat about outfits, so give us a call and we’ll help you figure it out.